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Kaliyuga: 2-3 August 2014 @ Drama Centre Black Box

  Vithaigal proudly presents Kaliyuga! A story of good versus evil conceptualized based on an age old conviction infused with current happenings. Our play takes on the trials of time … Continue reading

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Athipathi International Theatre’s ‘ThisaiVegam’ 25-26 July 2014

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Would you like to perform on stage during Anirudh’s Concert in Singapore ?

Most of us would have heard that the newest Music Sensation in India will be performing live in Singapore later this month.  What if you had the opportunity to perform … Continue reading

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KARUPPU : 18 – 20 July 2014 [Goodman Arts Centre]

What does ‘Karuppu’  mean to you? Is it just another colour? What does it symbolise to you? Karuppu literally means Black. Beyond the literal meaning lies a personal relationship between … Continue reading

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Brahmakalpa – The Eternal Universe : 27 June 2014

In ancient Hindu religious scripture, the universe is believed to be repeatedly created and destroyed all through eternity by Brahma the creator in a never-ending process of finite and transient … Continue reading

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Miss V 2014 – Ep 9/10 (16 and 23 June 2014)

EPISODE 9 – 16 June 2014 Finally, we have reached a juncture where we can proudly call this a Miss Vasantham Competition. The ladies have certainly grown and matured.  Their … Continue reading

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Why I Might Leave Singapore

Well, I knew it was bound to happen. My first World Cup inspired post ( though it has nothing to do it). As I was waiting for the Germany-Portugal game … Continue reading

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