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” Do you have a story to tell? ” by Saraswathy Varatharajullu

Do you have a story to tell? A story filled with your emotions, your thoughts, your experiences, your actions; your life story. Where are you right now; in this exact … Continue reading

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[THEATRE REVIEW] KullaNari dazzles beyond my wildest imagination

As I was slumped in the plush GV seat watching Lingaa [Ed Note: Review coming up soon], I could not help but look at my watch counting down to the … Continue reading

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The Most Influential Doctor in the USA: AN INDIAN

A proud moment for all Indians, regardless of nationality. Dr Vivek Murthy, 37 years old, assumed the office of the Surgeon General of the United States of America on 15 … Continue reading

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[Interview] A Refreshing Look at Fitness with Nash

We, at the Guru Project, are always on a constant look out to increase the variety of information we can offer. Most of the times, I tend to use myself … Continue reading

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5 Signs That Your Partner is Probably Cheating On You

Firstly, cheating does not require your partner to be sleeping around with another person. Sending flirtatious messages to a person of another sex would cut it in the real world. … Continue reading

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10 things You never knew about Narendra Modi

For those of us who have no clue as to who Narendra Modi is, shame on you. Yes, we live in Singapore, an independent nation thousands of miles from the … Continue reading

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[UPDATE] PROJECT SUPASH: 5 Things You need to know about Liver Donation

[UPDATE]:  This write-up has reached 20,000 people on Facebook and has been shared 80 times. While the actual objective of the article is yet to be fulfilled (the search for … Continue reading

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