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Enakul Oruvan – A Psychological Thriller Not To Be Missed [Now showing at Rex Cinema]

The average tamil cinema fan’s expectation of what’s to come revolves around A-listers, be it actor, director or music director.  Many a time, we miss out on gems created by … Continue reading

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[Upcoming Event] 2Tango Dazzle presents ” MAGUDI” : 13-14, 26-27 March 2015

Dazzle is back with a new genre! MAGUDI, a ‘fantasmagorical’ play for ages 4 to 104! We present a fun-filled musical extravaganza that is both entertaining and educational! Though inspired … Continue reading

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[SPORTS] Why does Safuwan’s A-League goal feel so much better than a few Olympic Medals?

The Australian League, no disrespect to them, is nowhere close to the magnitude of the Olympic games. One has barely 10 years of history while the other is the leading … Continue reading

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[CINEMA] 2015 Tamil Movies To Look Out For

In just two months, the year has witnessed massive releases from three big stars. Quite a hefty sum, if you ask me. With such a promising beginning, it is only … Continue reading

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[SPORTS]The Indian Dream Continues as they steamroll pass South Africa

I was back at the same house with my 2 Indian comrades, this time, with another Singaporean Indian, whose sole objective was to spew as much vulgarities as possible. Nobody … Continue reading

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[INTERVIEW] The Man Behind Rumours

As the man behind Rumours, there happen to be a few rumours behind your childhood. Some have even said that you are just a rich kid enjoying the luxuries of … Continue reading

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[Sports] Can India retain the World Cup?

The results leading to the World Cup have not been least bit impressive. This was a do or die game. My friend from India told me that even if India … Continue reading

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