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[Gems of Indian Cinema] ANBE SIVAM(2003) by Sairesh Pillai

Since the early 1980s, most Kamal Hassan movies have always been sticking to a fixed formula whereby there is a hero, who faces some kind of injustice or cruelty at … Continue reading

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Uthraa 2016: A Review by Kathiravan

I will cut to the chase with this review. This was the best Uthraa that I have seen till date. A show is only as good as its last one. … Continue reading

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Madhavan Scores A Knockout

I was still recovering from the crap of a  Tamil movie titled RajiniMurugan  that I watched 2 weeks ago so I was rather subdued as I walked into the cinema … Continue reading

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Saaral Mazhaiyaa: A Singaporean Original Single That Will Leave You Hooked feat. Stephen Zechariah

Music is a natural accompaniment when I am at work. I usually let a random YouTube playlist be the nominated DJ for the day. It was purely by chance that … Continue reading

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Thaipusam 2016: A step in the right direction, still some way to go

To be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed Thaipusam 2016. Where credit is due, it must be given. This is definitely a step in the right direction. The festival is for its … Continue reading

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[Gems of Indian Cinema] SWADES (2004) by Sairesh Pillai

GEMS OF INDIAN CINEMA is a fortnightly series that we are embarking on in 2016. We will feature must-watch movies which the younger generation in our community may have missed.    … Continue reading

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A Thaipusam Song That We Can Call Our Own

A Thaipusam song that we can call our own. Singai Vel Muruga – Thaipusam Song 2016 Composition & Lyrics : Nithish Senthur M Singers : Vicneshwaran Bathumalai, JK Saravana & … Continue reading

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