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Future of Fashion – FashionLab by Dassault Systemes

Just as I was doing my annual Pre-Diwali Spring Cleaning,  I was faced with a familiar dilemma. What do I do with my collection of Indian fashion wear. They take up a considerable space in my wardrobe. They are the least utilised clothes. Yet, I am obliged to buy new outfits for traditional occasions, festivals and weddings.  I looked at the sombre section of my traditional Indian outfits and wondered…

I wondered if I could bring myself to expand the functionality of Indian wear in modern Singapore. Could I bring myself to wear a kurta for a client meeting or even as a form of regular office wear? Even if I could, would it be accepted? Would my boss or a client (during a presentation) think any less of my ability just because of my choice of clothes.

I asked myself if Indian fashion has indeed remained stagnant in the evolution of modern society and has confined its usage to the ambit of religious and cultural occasions. Are our designers devoid of ideas? Would my decision to wear Indian outfits in a professional environment result in my colleagues  judging me to be old-fashioned and traditional in my way of thinking.

Will Indian fashion grow with the rest of the world and find an equal footing alongside Western fashion?  By that I most certainly do not mean this:

Note: This was used in a ad for Morphy Richards Epilators.

Note: This was used in a ad for Morphy Richards Epilators.

The invitation to attend a press meet for FashionLab by Dassault Systemes could not have come at a better time. Dassault, originating from France, is a world leader in the production of 3D design software. FashionLab is dedicated to fashion designers. I combines the engineering creativity of Dassault Systèmes with the artistic inventiveness and industry know-how.

Ideally, it  gives rise to a fashion 3D Experience that integrates design, simulation and collaboration platform required to create an entire collection.While this is still in a prototype stage, it is fronted by Julien Fournie who leads by example to show that it is possible to bring the design process to the next level. Julien is a French fashion designer who is a force to be reckoned with in the French Haute Couture scene.

Personally, I am not sure if FashionLab will turn out be a commercially viable venture. While I may be a fashion noob,  I cannot help but feel that this software will remove the emotional connection that a designer may have with his creation, atleast during the design phase. The lack of the interaction between the fabric and the maker makes this art a lot less appealing. On the flipside,  I am excited about the possible increase in innovation that Indian fashion industry desperately needs. An aspiring fashion designer will be able to maximise his creativity with little difficulty.

Even if FashionLab proves to be a hit, I wonder if its functions will be limited to European and/or Western fashion desginers or will it also include fabrics commonly used in Indian fashion. We just have to wait and see…


Thinesh Kurunathan
The Guru

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