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[SHORT FILM RELEASE]: YOGI – 5/6 Decemeber 2014

yogi short film

The film revolves around the urban lifestyle of 4 friends & an assassin, both coming from different social backgrounds. When fate decides to put their lives at stake, it becomes a game of survival for them. Selfish acts, vengeance, love & friendship. One of them has to outsmart the others to prove he’s the “Master of Oneself”.

full cast

We got in touch with the director, Kevin William, a 18 year old student at ITE college West, pursuing his NITEC in Digital Audio & Video Production. Kevin confessed to us that his interest in filming did not come as much of a surprise considering he loved to watch movies since he was a child. His favourite directors would include Selvaraghavan & Christopher Nolan.

The transition from a cinema enthusiast to a film maker  happened during Kevin’s sec 4 year whem he took notice of an aspiring film maker, “Kannan Vijayakumar”. Kevin used him as an inspiration to pursue his career as an independent filmmaker.

Before Kevin commences on any project of his own, he always uses Kannan’s works as a guideline. Despite his young age, Kevin is no stranger to productions. He has taken on other roles such as Assistant Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Assistant Camera Operator, etc.

We decided to interrupt his busy schedule to find out more interesting information about his upcoming film.

Hi Kevin, Thank you for the opportunity. So before we begin, why don’t you tell us more about your experience in the filming? 

Till  date, I’ve done 3 short films, 2 of them which have been released & 1 short film which is yet to be released, and also 10 music videos, out of which 5 are music video covers of other songs, 2 are music videos done for “Dhool 2013” auditions, 2 are music videos of original soundtracks by independent English rappers.

Currently I’m running my own production house, Filmoholic Pictures. I’m the Executive producer, writer & director of the production house. Currently, my latest work would be my upcoming short film titled “Yogi”. The film is having its own premiere at Golden Village Yishun on the 5th & 6th of December (Friday & Saturday).

Tell us more about the inspiration behind the story of Yogi.

Yogi was inspired by 2 Tamil Movies; Aayutha Ezuthu directed by Mani Ratnam and David directed by Bejoy Nambiar. I’ve always wanted to construct a script with 2 stories in it. and I studied up on both this films, which are my personal favourites, while writing the script for Yogi. I wanted to come out of my comfort zone this time, which is gore & violence, and come up with a new storyline. Thus I decided to add in some comical elements to the film.

Both these movies were helmed by an extremeley talented cast. How did you cast your main cast?

Casting was definitely a tedious task for Yogi. I had to be very specific & careful while doing the casting. Many people were brought in for the auditions. The main lead, Jegan’s character is played by Saravanan Naidu. It’s his debut. I had to go through multiple rehearsals with him to make sure he did justice to the role. He pumped up his body to portray Jegan as a feared Assassin. Over 4 people were auditioned before Saravanan was confirmed. Almost everyone who acted in Yogi are debutantes.

We have seen a fair share of young Indians moving towards short films in recent years. What do you make out this new trend?

I happy to see more & more young filmmakers rising nowadays. I’d say I’m happy to be part of them, as this is a healthy trend that is going on. Alot of fresh ideas are coming out & the public is actually welcoming those ideas, which a good thing.

Most of these shortfilms are usually publicised via  Youtube and Facebook and usually fizzle out unless they have the ‘viral’ factor. You have have set a new benchmark by launching it in a cinema hall. Why?

The main reason behind premiering Yogi in a cinema was, like what you said, to set a benchmark in Singapore. By being the first independent short filmmaker to premiere a short film in cinema, I’m really proud to have set a benchmark in Singapore & be somewhat of a role model to other independent short filmmakers out there. I want other independent short filmmakers to use me as a example & excel in their productions. I want to change the mindset of the public & tell them that even short films can hit the big screens.

What are your next plans after graduation?

Either Higher Nitec or Polytechnic, depending on my GPA. Outside education, I’ve plans to work on a telemovie or a independent drama series, whichever comes first.

Doing a short film like this would have involved costs. How did you raise the funding?

Usually I produce my own projects. Monetary wise, I don’t seek external help often unless really needed. I save up my daily allowance money given for school & do part time jobs outside for my production funding.

what can the audience expect from Yogi?

Yogi is more than a short film. It’ll definitely grip your hearts & will leave you thinking about reality. Prepare to watch the film with zero expectations and you’ll be wowed. Thanks to Stanley Vincent’s music, the film will be both a visual & auditory treat for audience.


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